Why can Bruce Lee have a worldwide influence?

He’sput balls on Chinese men!

——Diana Lee Ino Santo (daughter of Dan Ino Santo)

To understand the Bruce Lee I'm discussing here, you must first watch Bruce Lee's TV interview (outside the wall) in 1971. You may have seen this talk show clip in many Bruce Lee documentaries, but after watching this episode in its entirety, you can grasp a lot of meaningful details.

The death of Bruce Lee will rise to a historical height such as "the loss of Sino-Western cultural exchanges"-this accident by Ding Pei's family has slowed the progress of Sino-Western cultural exchanges for at least half a century. More exaggeratedly, Bruce Lee's death may even make the birth of the first Chinese-American president in the United States one or two hundred years later.

The most noisy on the Internet is probably how badly Bruce fights. In fact, both sides can only talk, because both sides lack strong evidence-or only perjury. The only battle with Huang Zemin was a public case.

But it is easy to sort out whether Bruce Lee is the master of martial arts. The reason why a martial arts master is a martial arts master is definitely not because he went to beat others down, but to see how widely his martial arts ideas and martial arts ideas spread, affecting how many later generations. The current Jeet Kune Do may indeed not be Bruce Lee ’s Jeet Kune Do, but no one would deny the impact of his theoretical construction on the development of martial arts for decades. To be honest, let alone others, Guang Yinuo Shandu, a heritage promoter, is enough to erect Bruce Lee's "Master of Martial Arts" sign.

So many people say that Bruce Lee is "the father of MMA"-this is certainly a bit too much-but so many professionals have vowed to endorse Bruce Lee, does it not prove that Bruce Lee's influence on martial arts development?

When Bruce Lee tinkered with "the style without style-Jeet Kune Do" in the United States, Jin Yong researched "the lonely nine swords without tricks and tricks" in Hong Kong. Who inspired this? I prefer to believe that this is a coincidence of Newton and Leibniz's "invention of calculus separately". Of course, more importantly, after all, Jin Yong is just playing tricks in the novel, and Bruce Lee is actually practicing it.

The documentary "I'm Bruce Lee" discusses such a question:

After Bruce Lee's death, which frontline sexy Asian male stars have Hollywood had?

Interviewees of Asian descent were silent for a long time, or there were tears in their eyes, and then said that there was none.

And the Stephan Bonnar interviewed was not Asian. He thought for a long time and said:

Maybe Dean Cain, right? Isn't he partAsian?

One interviewee said,

I feel a bit wrong. Where did you put Jackie Chan?

Oh, did not notice the keyword "sexy" in the question.

A person who truly becomes an ambassador for cultural exchange between China and the West is unlikely to be a comedian.

If one of the two cultures is discriminatory and prejudiced against the other, then successful communicators can only come from the side that is discriminated against-otherwise, the negative feeling of condescension is inevitable. At the same time, this means that the communicator should have a strong force to fight back against "discrimination"-it is difficult for a comedian to do this.

Bruce Lee may not be a very kind person. Many people should find it difficult to get along with him. In front of those he admires, he is more likely to show his glamorous side. His wife, Linda, said he was passionate in the United States before he became famous. This is probably related to the circle of his life. Pay attention to the interviews with him, you will find that most of the negative reports are exposed by the entertainment industry in Hong Kong. There are a lot of things to analyze in this phenomenon.

Zheng Peipei smiled and said that Bruce Lee was "a bit crazy" in the interview program, and then, for example, went to the tea house with Bruce Lee, because he was so proud of being watched, so he showed his muscles, and said to Zheng Peipei, "Come, hit me, hit Take a look. "

This madness makes it more difficult for him to be a friend of others, but it is the best condition to become an acting superstar.

Let me return to this TV interview with Bruce Lee in 1971.

Although Bruce Lee was already popular in Hong Kong at that time (probably when Zheng Peipei was beaten), host Pierre Berton would not have much worship for him. In fact, this is the normal state of Western interview programs. The professional level of the host is reflected in wisdom and knowledge, so few host of interview programs become brain powder.

But this does not mean that Pierre Berton will look more at Bruce Lee-although many years later, we all know that without Bruce Lee, if not for Bruce Lee's only TV interview, he would have been largely forgotten.

In any case, Pierre Berton did not show special respect or special disrespect. With a smirk on his face, he would lean over to get a tea cup to drink while Bruce Lee talked, but these are normal host actions because they tend to maintain their own rationality and not fall into the visitors Creating emotions. Even Marlon Brando would be treated like this.

However, a person who has grown up in the Chinese cultural environment may have emotional disturbances, no matter how long he has lived in the United States-not to mention the location of the interview was in Hong Kong, a place where he would wear sunglasses to go out and cause traffic jams.

It is difficult for him to find the balance in the middle-the balance between arrogance and arrogance. If you are proud, you can easily be splashed with cold water, and worse, it may look like a joke on a TV show. However, if it is sluggish, it will be even more disastrous for a star.

He has no ability to hide his unease. From time to time, his eyelids droop, often failing to open his eyes, and often dare not look directly at the host-ordinary people can see his embarrassment without the need for a micro-expression expert.

His on-site expressiveness is like a remarkable poet. He wouldn't write close-text poems in which every word fits the metric, but he can carefully observe where he has been deceased, where he is lonely, know where to save himself, and where to save each other— -Even more frightening is that he knows how to sing a verse that is chaotically sung while chanting, and let you forget the mistake he just made with a magnetic voice.

In this way, he became the most suitable person to become a movie star.


"If I tell you I'm good, probably you will say I am boasting. But if I tellyou I'm no good, you know I am lying."

Today, more than forty years later, we all know that his conditions and environment are unique, which has led people to forget how hard he works. There is a huge collection of books in his room, from the floor to the ceiling. Just pick up a copy, you can find the annotations he made in the book. He has collected all the videos of Muhammad Ali, watched them one by one, and even played them in reverse order, because "I will play a game with him in the future." He also reads a lot of inspirational books-if you like reading inspirational books, please read inspirational books like Bruce Lee. He is indeed a man who shouts slogans, but more importantly, he is a person who plans and acts down to earth.

When he appeared in The Green Hornet, he was almost 26 years old. When it was really hot, it was already thirty.

PierreBerton didn't ask this question to be provocative, but it was born like a mine:

"Do you still think of yourself as Chinese or do you ever think of yourself as a North American?"

Do you consider yourself Chinese or North American?

Do you know what I think of myself? I am alone. I don't want to show some famous Confucius sayings, but "therefore, the saints can endure the world as a family." People just happen to be different.

It is this identity that allows him to freely divide and package traditional Chinese philosophy, and then carefully package it, presenting it gorgeously to the West. It is difficult to say whether he is packing martial arts with philosophy or packing philosophy with martial arts.

"Phenomena" is simply not enough to describe Bruce Lee. How timeless is his communication art? Years later, the world's two biggest Chinese Kung Fu superstars co-produced "King of Kung Fu", and they must keep quoting and using Bruce Lee's sentences in order to maintain the little quality of the script.

Empty your mind. Be formless, shapeless, like water. Now you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle, it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Now water can flow, or it can crash! Be water, my friend!

What is the real way to enhance the image of the Chinese? It's not that American audiences say "this Chinese is cool", but "this guy is really cool"-who sees Matthew McConaughey thinking that "this Irishman is handsome"?

Idon't even look at him as being Asian. He's like ... He's like Bruce Lee! He's like my idol! And that's something I guess ... I don't think of so much but Iguess, yeah.

I never thought he was Asian. He is ... he is Bruce! He is my idol! So I don't think I have paid much attention to such (ethnic) things.

---- UFCFighter Stephan Bonnar


Regarding China's opening up, Bruce Lee said, "once the opening of China happens, you know, I mean that it will bring more understanding! More things that are, hey, like different, you know? Andmaybe in the contrast of comparison some new thing might grow. So, therefore, Imean it's a very rich period to be in. I mean like, if I were born, let's say 40 years ago and if I thought in my mind and said, "boy, I'm going to starin a movie or a television series inAmerica ", well ... that might bea vague dream. But I think, right now, it may be, man."

However, various conspiracy theories seem to make people very angry, and they do not take care of basic common sense at all.

Bruce Lee died in 1973, when Xiang Huaqiang just joined the movie circle and played an unknown movie.

It wasn't until 1987 that he and his brother, Yongsheng Films, started to be the boss. In the middle, he has been an unknown second-line little actor for more than a decade.

Do you know the concept of billions of dollars? At the time, that was higher than the combined global box office sales of Great White Shark, Star Wars, and Exorcist. Before Bruce Lee died, he was not a global star at all. In fact, the movie "Dragon Fighting" was released after his death. With the release of the American film company, he was truly known to Western audiences.

Even the Japanese viewers in East Asia, the first film they saw was "Dragon Fighting", and after Bruce Lee became popular in Japan, the Japanese filmmaker bought several movies he had previously performed and released them in Japan.

And Bruce Lee started from his third kung fu movie, his relationship with Jiahe has changed from an employment relationship to a cooperative relationship. Jiahe helped him set up a film company called Xiehe, funded by Jiahe, and helped him to release it. , And finally participated in the commission of the movie box office.

The founders of Jiahe Company were all from Shaw Films. In the early days of the establishment of Jiahe, the filming was also imitating Shaw, but they were repeatedly frustrated until Bruce Lee appeared to save the family and company that were about to fail. After Bruce Lee's death, Golden Harvest lost their biggest box office superstar and was in trouble for the moment.