Why is there no tree in the Forbidden City?
Many people who come to Beijing to travel must go to the Forbidden City in Beijing to see what kind of environment the ancient emperor lived in, but many people who come to visit the Forbidden City will have a doubt, then the main hall of the Forbidden City. It is bare everywhere, although there are some other decorations to decorate, but there is no big tree around, only the dense woods in the back garden of the Forbidden City.
forbidden city
Why is Weichai Power's position in the industrial chain so strong?
The heavy truck market is a typical oligopolistic market with fewer market participants and high entry barriers. CR5 has remained above 80% for many years. As the long-term market share leader, Weichai has obvious competitive advantages.
Those "unclear" designs! Netizen: Wrong designer
I don't know if you have such an experience? In the daily life, I met some seemingly stupid and inconvenient designs, until one day I realized the designer's intentions, and then I suddenly became more cheerful, and then shouted exquisitely.
Taylor Swift and her boyfriend sweet beach play!
Taylor Swift and her boyfriend sweet beach play! However, the focus of netizens is on the hair of her boyfriend.
Taylor Swift
Modularity vs. Reusability: Code Generation from Synchronous Block Diagrams
We present several methods to generate modular code from synchronous hierarchical block diagrams. Modularity means code is generated for a given macro (i.e., composite) block independently from context, that is, without knowing where this block is to be used, and also with minimal knowledge about its sub-blocks. We achieve this by generating a set of interface functions for each block and a set of dependencies between these functions that is exported along with the interface. The main trade-off is the degree of modularity (number of interface functions) vs. reusability (the set of diagrams that the block can be used in without creating dependency cycles).
Why does Israel have the most technologically advanced army on the planet?
In 1950, just two years after the founding of Israel, Israel’s first commercial delegation set off for South America. Israel urgently needs trading partners. Unlike Arab rivals, Israel has no natural resources to finance its economy. No oil or minerals, nothing.
Happy living rules in the office
In order to avoid the laziness of working at home, Japanese cartoonist Takagi Naoko specially rented a shared office. On the morning of the working day, she will take the tram to the office to open a full day in a clean and quiet office environment.
"MSG First" Lotus Health is listed as Lao Lai Secretary: Funds are tight
On May 28th, the Beijing News reporter learned from the Supreme Court Executive Information Platform that Lotus Health Industry Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Lotus Health”, now referred to as “*ST Lotus”) was listed as the People’s Court of Henan Xiangcheng City. Lost trustee
The arrears of oil were frozen nearly 600 million assets, and HNA Holdings repaid
At the end of April, HNA Holdings made new progress in the property of 572 million yuan frozen by China Aviation Oil. On May 28, HNA Holdings told the Beijing News that it had maintained positive and friendly communication with China Aviation Oil, and all cooperation funds were paid as planned.
Why does Huawei want to build a chip factory in the UK, but not in China? Netizen: There are 4 reasons!
Huawei's hot spots have always been relatively high. As long as there is news of Huawei, we are basically in a high-level discussion. Recently, due to the release of Huawei's p30 series, Huawei's p30pro has attracted the attention of netizens.
Kechuang board analysis | Jingfeng Mingyuan: not all chips, can be called "Chinese core"
Shanghai Jingfeng Mingyuan Semiconductor Co., Ltd. was established in October 2008. Its main business is the development and sales of power management driver chips. The company's products include LED lighting driver chips, motor driver chips and other power management driver chips.
Ren Zhengfei has no decision-making power, and the shares are held by employees 100%!
Huawei Board of Directors: Ren Zhengfei has no decision-making power, and the shares are held by employees 100%!“Who owns Huawei?” Recently, two American professors published a report on this topic, which aroused the attention of foreign media on Huawei’s control.
Ren Zhengfei has no decision-making power, and the shares are held by employees 100%!(2)
The duties of the grassroots trade unions are basically similar to those of some foreign trade union organizations. However, Huawei holds shares in the name of a trade union. As a platform for holding shares, the trade union is managed by a representative of the shareholding employees. It is separate and independent from the trade union committee.
The earliest royal gardens in China were not in Beijing, originally in Taiyuan, Shanxi.
China’s history of five thousand years of cultural development has been ups and downs in the history of the vast sea of smoke. The ancient buildings that can survive are filled with heavy years and warmth. When people carefully observe the fine details, they can’t help feeling When I came to Taiyuan again and re-walked in Jinci, the amazement of this kind of heart rose even more. After years of baptism, these ancient buildings are warm and sunny under the warm winter sun, exuding the classical and charming atmosphere. .
royal gardens
The three signals from Helicobacter pylori are often these symptoms, don't let the stomach cancer too close to you
Many people care about what are the symptoms of Helicobacter pylori infection in the stomach?
"Fur" Tao Huabi, "stubborn" Laoganma
On November 13th, Tao Huabi, who has always been low-key, wore a signature fur dress, a cotton-padded jacket and a fur hat, which surprised the front of the camera of the Guizhou TV station. She is sitting in danger, not changing her straightforward personality, and repeatedly reaffirming "no loans, no shares, no financing, no listing."
tao huabi
"Wall on the Wall Street": the truth and false behind the exaggeration
Leonardo DiCaprio, the typical young actor who made his name on the stage, entered the stage at the age of five, starred in American TV at the age of 16, and was nominated for an Oscar at the age of 19. As one of the most handsome men on the planet, the value of his youth can only be described by the word "anti-day".
Wall Street
Leonardo DiCaprio
Ofo again! The founder "Call for the curtain", our deposit may not be able to get back.
Just three days ago, the company of the operating entity of the East Oden (Beijing) Management Consulting Company was changed from Dai Wei to Chen Zhengjiang (one of the founding teams of ofo). After the incident came out, industry insiders speculated that this was either a sign of Dai Wei’s exit or a preparation for a lawsuit against the supplier. Consumers are concerned about whether their deposit can be recovered after the change of legal person.
In those years of Ma Yun - the road to 'sealing the gods'
As a national entrepreneurial idol, Ma Yun has achieved incredible success by using the advantages of the Internet, and many people will not understand it. Why did Ma Yun, who was ugly, did what he did after he founded Alibaba. On this issue, we should look more at what he did before he founded Ali. Let's analyze it from another angle.
jack ma